George Mead – “One Of These Nights” 3/1 – 4/18

George Mead, First Among Equals in Rock Music Painting, 
 Explores the Power of the Album Cover in Solo Exhibition


SF Bay Area painter George Mead, who mythologized the entire A-list of rock stars in his massive hand-painted billboards outside Tower Records stores across the country, is delving back into the pantheon of contemporary music and the album art that branded it. His oversized, hyperrealistic paintings of cover art from legendary performers like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who, Bob Marley, the Eagles and many more bring a fresh perspective on the art form: as iconic, culture-altering milestones that bring inspiration and identity to millions of people around the world. “More than anything I discover that every album cover has a story behind it that enriches and deepens the understanding of the musical project,” says the artist from his studio in Sausalito. “Those stories often bring a new understanding of the artists and the music they created.” George Mead continues to work with rock artists nationally and internationally. He is particularly well known for his stadium-size concert backdrops for a long list of major artists including The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, Journey, U2, Santana, and Elton John.

In his hyperrealistic style, George Mead accessorizes his 25-square foot paintings with the same shrink wrap and promotional stickers they once came with on the record store shelf. The effect, part Warhol and part Jasper Johns, re-creates the tactile experience of the vinyl record perfectly. The solo exhibition, “One Of These Nights,” is showing more than twenty pieces, and represents a cross-section of work from George Mead’s Art Of The LP series. In addition to The Art Of The LP series, the exhibition will include a selection of paintings showcasing classic baseball cards that cover a time span of several decades from World War I to the modern era. The oversized paintings are presented in oversize acrylic cases identical to the collectors’ card cases. Baseball greats such as Babe Ruth, Leroy “Satchel” Paige, Ty Cobb and Jackie Robinson are among those represented in the body of work. The exhibition is located at Axiom Contemporary Gallery at 2801 Main Street in Santa Monica. The show opens on March 1 2019, and ends with a closing party on April 18 2019.

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