Houston Fine Art Fair 2015


all saints pink

Russell Young. Kate Moss: Superstar (All Saints Pink).

September 9 – 12, 2015

Axiom Contemporary is excited to be joining the Houston Fine Art Fair next weekend for an exhibition in International Modern and Contemporary Art. The Houston Fine Art Fair is a celebrated fine art fair in the South for contemporary art enthusiasts, and prides itself on reflecting Houston’s sophisticated and diverse collecting practices. 

At the Houston Fine Art Fair, Axiom is overjoyed and honored to be showing the work of world-renowned, British-American contemporary pop artist, Russell Young. We will be showing three screen print works from his series Kate Moss Superstar. Each brightly colored, alluring screen print is finished with a layer of diamond dust, emphasizing Kate Moss’s beauty and celebrity status.

In addition to the Russell Young pieces, Axiom Contemporary will be presenting art by Colombian contemporary photographer Max Steven Grossman, Venice Beach painter and collage artist Jay Kelly, British X-ray photographer Nick Veasey, vibrant and chaotic painter Michael Gorman, hyper-realistic wood sculptor Chris Hedrick, and pop sculptor Matthew LaPenta.


Jay Kelly. Simply Charming

Angel. Stainless steel.

Matthew LaPenta. Angel (Emoji)